Convenience is one of the key reasons to install residential lifts on your property. As you age, you understand that you have less desire to climb stairs, especially while carrying large boxes, groceries, or luggage.

For almost a decade now Nibav Lifts has provided the best residential lifts of the greatest quality in Australia. Our compact home lifts consume less energy than a household appliance, require 90% less maintenance than its competitors, and require less installation space. Our range of lift models SERIES I, II, and III are designed to give you maximum comfort, and regardless of your mobility and accessibility needs, we have you covered.

Our expert team can guide you through the entire installation process and assist you every step of the way. Our smartly constructed lifts are simple to install and require only one to two days on-site. Contact our staff right away for a free consultation estimate – we are here to help.

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Explore our residential lifts

    Lifts for houses increase accessibility and safety, providing families with peace of mind and comfort in knowing they have the support they need to move around their homes freely and safely.

     At Nibav we have a range of home lift options, allowing you to customize a lift to match your home’s architecture and requirements.

    Need a compact and more cost-effective residential lift?  

    Our home lift is one of the most adaptable and compact home elevators in Sydney, Australia. These compact lifts can be installed in homes of any size. Nibav home lifts are suitable for any bespoke home design and provide the best value for those on a budget.

    Enhance your home’s interior design with the most alluring home lift from Nibav Home Lift. Our compact residential lifts are the perfect gift for families seeking style, convenience, and comfort. The elevator cabin interior can be customized and there is a large range of beautiful finishes to choose from.

    Due to their revolutionary Air-driven technology, our lifts are designed to provide homeowners with a quieter and smoother journey that is designed to complement any current house decor. Sizes of lift cabins can be modified to accommodate existing lift shafts, provisions, and floor layouts.

    With all the advantages of a robust commercial elevator and the opulence luxury elevator, the Nibav Series III lift provides you with a faster, more comfortable journey along with exquisite European design, comfort, and quality.

    Retrofit your home with Nibav Residential Lifts

    There are numerous advantages to considering adding a lift to your existing home, making it more accessible so you don’t have to move.

    Retrofitting residential lifts in Australia is frequently more economical and cost-efficient than relocating. Consult an expert regarding the home elevator price for your home. You can get Nibav retrofitted to your home for just AUD 70K.

    Start with a complimentary design consultation and store tour 

    Learn how to future-proof your home and boost your property’s value. From showroom to handover, our straightforward lift solution assists homeowners and investors in selecting the ideal home lift.

    From showroom through delivery, the procedure our technical team will ensure you have a smooth and professional experience.  Our team is trained to operate as efficiently as a well-oiled machine during the installation process. Get in touch with us for more information.