The decision to purchase a home elevator can be difficult at first, but it is an investment that will benefit your family. At Nibav we have an expert technical team with all the necessary experience to install your home elevators within 48 hours and have accomplished installing several units all around Australia, and we know what it takes to make them both safe and accessible!

Nibav small home elevators are simple to install in both existing and new homes. Our elevators can accommodate two people despite having the smallest lift footprint. Nibav Home Lifts are a sophisticated way to stay at home. The sleek design mixes in beautifully with any kind of home interior to give your home the wow factor it requires.

Our elevators also come with a 360-degree Glass lift car that allows you to see through it while you travel. Our elevators are designed in such a way that they blend in with any home decor and come in several premium and basic colors for you to choose from.

The ingenious discreet design allows it to fit in a variety of locations throughout your home, without you having to worry about space constraints. Our expert consultants will assist you in determining the best position for your lift to work with the flow of your home.

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Why select Nibav Elevators for your home? 

  • One major reason why Nibav home elevators are superior is that they do not require a shaft or a machine room for operation. This means that the building work required for installation is almost zero. You will be astounded at the minimal civil work needed for the installation.
  • While being elegant, and modular Nibav lifts are forged with galvanized steel and unbreakable glass—-250 times stronger than regular glass, making them one of the safest home elevators in the world.
  • The most versatile Air-driven lift on the market, with the smallest footprint and the flexibility to customize several versions, is Nibav. This is a big benefit, especially in small spaces like townhouses.
  • In addition, unlike other house lifts, our servicing expenses are minimal, which is another Nibav delight!
  • Highly adaptable design with an aluminum/glass shaft incorporated. It can be installed in nearly any place.
  • The most recent direct drive technology. Maximum space use and a small drive with great durability. It may be adjusted to fit an 850 mm pit.

We have multiple sizes for you to pick from and select the perfect lift that will meet your future needs based on available space and home decor.

 All Nibav Lift models accommodate two people and go up to 4 levels including ground. However, our series 2 max can comfortably accommodate a walker, and another person in a wheelchair.

How much does a home elevator in Australia cost?

Home Lifts is an excellent long-term investment that allows you to safely access all rooms without using stairs.

But how much does it cost?

When it comes to buying an elevator for your home, whether for luxury or practical reasons, there are many different models and pricing to consider.

Book Home Lifts in Australia at an Affordable price starting at $70K

Note the Factors when to purchase a home lift

You may consider getting a home elevator for a variety of reasons. Lifts can make it easier for physically challenged people and senior persons with mobility challenges to reach their houses without having to utilize interior stairs.

Convenience is one of the key reasons to install a home lift. As you age, you may discover that you have less desire to climb stairs, especially while carrying large boxes, groceries, or luggage.

Numerous other advantages demonstrate why a Nibav Lift is the superior choice. We urge you to contact us and experience it for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a small home elevator cost in Australia?

In Australia, the Home Elevators price starts at around $59K.

How many people can fit into the small home elevator?

Nibav elevators are compact home elevators that can fit 2 to 3 people at a time.

How soon can the small home elevator be delivered?

Generally, our small home elevator deliveries would take a minimum of 2–3 months to get delivered.