Vacuum Elevators Melbourne

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Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards
Book Home Elevators in Australia Starting at $69K Onwards

Why choose Nibav Vacuum Elevators Melbourne

Nibav is one of the leading home lift manufacturers in the world. We are spread across major countries in the world. A combination of Australian technology, European components, and top-notch industrial efficiency enables us to provide the best of both quality and competitive pricing.

Our energy-efficient Vacuum Elevators are compact and require 90% less maintenance than other traditional lifts. And as an added advantage, which is also one of the major benefits of our lifts, they also use less energy than a typical home appliance.

An Introduction to Nibav Vacuum Elevators Melbourne

Nibav home lifts we designed with safety and comfort in mind. This self-supporting home lift was constructed using galvanized steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and bulletproof glass to make sure your family has safe travel up and down the stairs. Nibav’s Air-driven home lift offers a tasteful design that can fit right into your existing decor. It also comes with European safety requirements and creates no infrastructural impact on your house.

Why choose Nibav

How to Find the Best Vacuum Elevators with Nibav

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Value and Quality

We strive to deliver high-quality products at an affordable rate, made possible by bringing the best of Australian technology with European components.
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Easy Installation

With zero civil work, all it takes to install our lifts is a day or two, as the lift can be installed within 24-48 hours.
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European Standards

Our brand follows strict quality and safety standards. Certified under TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards, we are proud to follow the most reliable safety and product quality standards in our sector.
What are Nibav Home Lifts

How to Enhance Your Home with Nibav Vacuum Elevators

Nibav Vacuum Elevators improve luxurious living by combining cutting-edge technology with excellent design. Every time you move between floors, our lifts provide a smooth, elegant experience that is quiet and smooth. Installing a Nibav Home Lift increases the value of your home significantly in addition to giving it a luxurious touch. Every lift is carefully designed to provide outstanding convenience and comfort, all the while complementing your interior décor. With Nibav’s top-notch in-home mobility solutions, you may improve your lifestyle.

What are Nibav Vacuum Elevators Melbourne?

Sydney-based Nibav Home Lifts provides a range of home lifts designed for modern homes with multiple floors. These lifts are an excellent choice for homeowners wishing to improve their living space because they are environmentally friendly, stylish, and compact. Nibav Home Lifts offer the ideal combination of luxury and comfort with its elegant designs that mix in perfectly with any type of interior decor. Our home lifts provide safe and comfortable vertical movement within the home, which is perfect for supporting elderly family members or those who need to move between floors easily.

Luxurious Living Solution by Nibav Home Lifts

Features of Vacuum Elevators Melbourne

Panoramic Glass with a 360-degree view

This feature not only gives your home a stylish look but also gives a solution to the claustrophobic problem.

Strong Yet Lightweight

The combination of aluminum and galvanized steel used in designing Nibav Home Lifts allows for the elevator’s lightweight without sacrificing strength.

No Pit or Machine Room

Without a pit or machine room you can make the most of your space, safeguard the structural integrity of your home, and swiftly install the lift because our installation does not require any additional space for the installation of the lift’s engine or any other structural requirements.

Features of Home Lifts

Comfortable and compact

Our home lifts have a cabin that can accommodate two persons comfortably while only requiring a base space of 1010 mm.

Green Elevators

When moving up, the Nibav home lifts use almost no power and run on single-phase electricity. Hence, they are eco-friendly lifts as they consume ZERO power when descending.

High on Aesthetics

When opposed to the mechanical appearance of traditional elevators, Nibav home lifts offer you exceptional aesthetics with a panoramic glass view on all sides.

The Technology Behind Nibav’s Vacuum Elevators

Nibav’s Vacuum Elevators are air-driven elevators that run powered by Air-driven technology. A vertical cylinder made of polycarbonate glass is attached to a coaxial car. It moves up and down with the help of air suction technology which is achieved by varying the difference in air pressure on top and bottom. The turbine motor is mounted on top of the home lift which helps to lift the cabin up and down.

Commute Easy With Our Vacuum Elevators

With Nibav Home Lifts, enjoy the ease of simple vertical mobility. Our lifts are made to remove the inconvenience of stairs and improve accessibility within the home, making moving between floors easy, safe, and comfortable.
Series III Max

Series III Max

BBigger, bolder, and better – the Series III Max significantly increases total weight capacity and offers a spacious lift interior.With a Capacity of 240 Kg When choosing a home lift in Sydney, it should meet European safety standards, have a reliable backup system, and provide seamless usability, especially for elderly users. The Series III Max ticks all these boxes.

  • 4 layers of assured safety
  • Spacious interiors that accommodate more people
  • Impeccable choice of interior designs to match your aesthetics
  • Easy to set up, with installation completed in 24-48 hours
  • Compact, circular design that seamlessly blends with various room types
  • New, improved connectivity features support remote troubleshooting and automated error reporting

Series III

Our latest addition to the exquisite collection of elevators, the Series III, builds on the success of Series II with improved features, more sophisticated technology, and the same reliability that patrons have come to expect from Nibav lifts. Your search for the best elevator company in Sydney ends here with what our new Series III has to offer.

  • Exciting range of colors to choose from
  • Equipped with smooth start/stop technology for maximum comfort
  • Vibration-free riding
  • Powered by voice assistant Alexa
  • Fully functional touchscreen interface for a sophisticated outlook
  • Capacity: 210 kg
Series III

Explore our Range of Vacuum Elevators

Nibav provides a flexible choice of home lifts that are made to accommodate various needs and opinions. Our lifts range in size from smaller, perfect for small places to larger, more comfortable models that are designed to offer the highest level of comfort and effectiveness. Every model has cutting-edge safety features and cutting-edge technology installed to guarantee a dependable and seamless functioning. Look through our selection to locate the ideal lift that meets both your needs and the design of your home. Whether you value luxurious enhancements or solutions that save space, Nibav has the perfect lift for you.

  • Split Unit – G+1 60% 60%
  • Sound Proof – G+1 85% 85%
  • Split Unit – G+2 50% 50%
  • Sound Proof – G+2 50% 50%
  • Split Unit – G+3 70% 70%
  • Sound Proof – G+3 87% 87%

Available in All Different Hues




Choose from a variety of colors to customize your Nibav Home Lift to fit the unique design of your home. With the variety of colors our lifts come in, you can pick a color that will easily go with the interior decor of your home. Our personalization options guarantee that your lift not only fulfills a practical need but also improves the aesthetic attractiveness of your living area, regardless of your preference for bold, modern tones or classic hues. A Nibav Home Lift can help you create a cohesive aesthetic that expresses your unique sense of style.
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Overview of Our Vacuum Elevators Melbourne

Overview of Our Home Lifts
Nibav Home Lifts come with a host of innovative features, including quiet operation, energy-efficient technology, and sleek, modern designs. Our lifts are engineered to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience while integrating seamlessly into your home.
Each Nibav Home Lift model comes with a range of specifications to suit different needs. From customizable sizes to advanced safety features, our lifts are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Whether you need a lift for a compact space or a larger, more luxurious model, we have options that cater to various requirements.
Nibav Home Lifts provide many advantages, such as compact designs, easy installation, and minimal maintenance. Our lifts improve both functionality and appearance by offering a fashionable and effective option for vertical mobility throughout your home. Enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies dependable, secure, and effective home lifts.
About Nibav Home Lifts
Nibav Home Lifts is the leading manufacturer of luxurious home lift solutions, dedicated to meeting requirements for both quality and customer satisfaction. Our lifts are made to the greatest standards using state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing their elegance, safety, and lifetime. Nibav Home Lifts is a leading home lift company that sets the standard for quality in the market with an emphasis on innovation and customer service.

Where can nibav home lifts fit?

Based on the variant of the product you choose, Nibav home lifts can be installed within a 4 feet space while the Max, much larger variants may require approximately 5-feet. The circular home lifts that we create are easier to install and can be setup in 24-48 hours. They occupy the least space as there is no need to construct a machine room or dig a pit, making them fairly easy to fit in most homes.

Where can nibav home lifts fit?

How will nibav home lifts look?

In terms of design aesthetics, our home lifts are well ahead of competition by providing a well rounded design and appeal. They are available in range of colors including Green, Red, Violet and premium options including gold and silver. The circular, compact design allows users to have a lift in their home without affecting the overall outlook of their residence.

How will nibav home lifts look?

How much does it Cost to install a Vacuum Elevators Melbourne?

The cost of a home lift can vary depending on various factors such as — the model type, additional cabin requirements, premium colours and so on. So, if you are looking for Vacuum Elevators Price in Melbourne then you are in the right place, please give us a call to set up a demo.

Model Model Pricing
Model Model Pricing

Download Our Brochure

Get our detailed brochure to learn about the whole range of Nibav Home Lifts. You’ll discover complete information about all of our lift models—including features, technical information, and customization choices—inside. Find the perfect lift option which meets your requirements and preferences. In addition, our brochure offers customer testimonials, maintenance guidance, and an inside look at the installation process. To find out more about how Nibav Home Lifts can improve your quality of life, click below to download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a vacuum elevators cost in Melbourne?
The cost of vacuum elevators in Melbourne between $69,000 to $1,09,000 based on the model, specifications, customization options, installation complexity, and any additional features or accessories chosen. Nibav vacuum elevators Series III and vacuum elevators Series III Max are the prominent models available.
Are your vacuum elevators wheelchair accessible?
Select models of our vacuum elevators, specifically the max variants are compatible with wheelchairs while the smaller, compact variants are ideal for homes with limited space.
How much space is needed for a vacuum elevators?
Conventional vacuum elevators may vary but nibav lifts follow a strict guideline, allowing us to construct our lifts in less than 4 feet while Max models require up to 5 feet. Typically, 1010mm is all the space we need.
How safe are your elevators?
Our vacuum elevators meet the American Safety Standards (ASME), made of highly durable polycarbonate glass and galvanized steel structure. It is equipped with multi-layered safety system, LED lighting, alarm and a telephone. The transparent glass always keeps the occupants in touch with others, making them feel extremely safe.
How soon can the vacuum elevators be delivered to Melbourne?
Generally, vacuum elevators deliveries would take a minimum of 2–3 months to get delivered to Melbourne.