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Vacuum Elevators – Innovation in Residential Elevators

Nibav Vacuum Residential Elevators

Being the only compressed air pneumatic elevators in the world, these innovative residential elevators move smoothly between floors, requiring much less space, energy, and maintenance than traditional residential elevators. These self-supporting panoramic Vacuum Elevators use pneumatic technology to generate the elevator and provide homeowners with an aesthetic and eco-friendly solution for their home.
A plug-and-play system requiring 220 volts of power, this enhanced vacuum lift option offers easy installation and is designed as a soundproofing solution for the supported applications. When looking for an affordable residential elevator, budget is often a decisive factor for homeowners in choosing the elevator that best suits their needs. With more and more homeowners looking to age, modernizing a residential home elevators is becoming increasingly popular.

Many homes are not designed for a home lift, so installing a lift is an intimidate duty for homeowners. Fortunately, our affordable and revolutionary Vacuum elevators are designed with the interior in mind, providing a slim, stylish and easy-to-install elevator that will add value to your home without the hassle of traditional elevators. These do not require a shaft, hole, or engine room prior to construction. The residential lifts for homes are located on the ground floor only. While traditional residential elevators have many construction requirements that can take weeks, this unique feature of a vacuum elevator gives homeowners the flexibility of where their home elevator can be installed. This self-contained and autonomous elevator is suitable for your home.

These home elevators are plug and play and only require a single phase power supply to operate. That’s about the same amount of electricity that goes into a washer and dryer. In addition, gravity is only used for the elevator, which means that only electricity is used during the emission, making these elevators environmentally friendly. These home air lifts offer 360 degree panoramic views as they move between floors and are wonderfully stylish in design that is sure to attract people’s attention. Many architects and builders integrate the elevator to improve the design of the house and attract potential buyers.
Although vacuum elevators appear to be made of glass, these space-saving elevators are made with polycarbonate panels that are more durable and stronger than glass. As the only pneumatic home elevators in the world, vacuum elevators continue to break down barriers with advanced technologies and innovative solutions that will enhance and transform every home. Improving vertical mobility and finding ways to modernize the residential elevator is the goal of Nibav Lifts and a mission that our company continues to pursue.
Available for both home improvement and new construction projects, Nibav’s easy-to-install residential elevators offer scenic design and eco-friendly operation that will enhance any homeowner’s standard of living by adding a talking point that is sure to please. customer care and imagination. As the most innovative residential elevator on the market, Nibav small lifts for houses Australia improve your quality of life and require far less space and energy than traditional elevators. This makes these eco-friendly elevators the best for your sweet home.

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