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Vacuum Elevator is a Modern Elevator Design in Australia

Vacuum Elevator is a Modern Elevator Design in Australia
Elevators perform valuable aesthetic and practical functions in homes. Choosing the right layout can improve the appearance of your home, significantly improve accessibility and possibly even increase the value of your home. The elevator is the first thing visitors see when they get to your home, so you can create the right first impression and see the attractive style statement. Your elevator design can integrate, enhance and support your home decor.

In addition to aesthetics, the elevator design can provide functionality in terms of usability and safety. Well-designed lifts provide greater mobility and allow you to change levels with ease. A modern elevator can be much more efficient than expected, especially when compared to stair lifts. Another practical benefit of modern elevators is security, such as limited access. The vacuum lifts for homes is a relatively new technology that uses very little energy to operate. The home elevator requires a minimum of space and time to install and can be installed in most buildings as new or renovated.

The pneumatic vacuum lift allows the user to move seamlessly between floors with the added benefit of a 360-degree panoramic view through the clear polycarbonate cabin and cylinder walls. The vacuum lift consists of 3 main parts: the outer cylinder, the lift cabin and the suction unit.

Nibav Modern Vacuum Home Elevators

Outdoor Mounting – A smooth, clear polycarbonate vertical cylinder and aluminum frame that can be installed almost anywhere. Lifting cabin: works on the cylinder on rails or columns that are part of the same self-supporting structure as the cylinder. The walls of the car are also made of transparent polycarbonate panels. The cab is equipped with an anchor system that activates when the floor is reached.
Suction group: located in the upper part of the cylinder. It has turbine engines, valves and a PVE control box.

The design of an elevator is important because it has a direct impact on the appearance of your premises and the functionality of your elevator. Modern trends in elevator design include functional and decorative elements. Trends in functional design include privacy, security and lighting. Modern vacuum elevators can contain privacy and can be designed to be hidden behind a closed door. This is especially useful for homes where you are trying to limit access to other levels. The latest elevator models offer adaptive technology functions such as vacuum and suction, as well as safety functions. These vacuum house lifts can be more energy efficient, save space, and be easier to install and maintain. Newer elevators offer programmable lighting.

Nibav Lifts is the designer and manufacturer of the vacuum lifts. We currently manufacture three versions of their pneumatic vacuum elevators, accessible single-passenger and three-passenger and wheel chair accessible vacuum elevators. Nibav Vacuum Lifts Australia give you a technically remarkable product that is aesthetically pleasing. Simple, fast and clean installation the self-supporting structure allows the lift to land on any floor surface. Installation can be done in one to two days. If you are looking for the right lift solution for your property, contact Nibav Lifts today.

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