Home elevators were once just symbols of status in our country and have now increasingly become a necessity. As people who built duplex homes in the ‘80s and ‘90s are becoming older, they are looking for residential lifts options that can be installed without any civic disruptions. Even with newer homes, there is an increase in demand to install elegantly designed elevators that perfectly complement the overall look of the house. This is where Nibav Home Elevators come in.

Nibav Home Elevators is one of Australia’s most premium and reliable residential elevators – they are sturdy, economical, elegant, and extremely functional.

Top Five Reasons To Buy Nibav Home Elevators

Reasons to Choose Nibav Home Elevators in Australia

No Civil Work

The home elevators from Nibav are all self-supported with an independent shaft. This means that the foundations of your house need not be disturbed to be installed in a pre-built house. There is almost zero civil work needed to install the lifts. This makes it easy to install them in older homes as well.

Beautiful Design

Nibav range of home elevators come in a wide spectrum of design. In addition to this, they are also customizable to suit the theme of any home. Whether you want your home elevator to dominate your living room or simply stay put in a corner while doing its basic work, we have the right materials to design the perfect elevator for your home. They also come with a 360-degree panoramic glass to give the riders an epic view of your home.

Highly Secure

Nibav home elevators come with a GSM phone as a standard to make sure that people inside the lift can access any emergency contact if the need arises. However, the lifts themselves are built to withstand the most strenuous tests of their ability. They have passed the CE for Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which is one of the most stringent international tests that elevators have to pass in order to be installed in a location.

Low Power Consumption

The home elevators from Nibav are powered by the most abundant resource available to mankind – air. It uses pneumatic pressure to move the unit upwards and relies on gravity and integrated systems to move down. This means that very little power is consumed while operating it, making sure that it does not create a huge dent in your electricity bill every month.

No Machine Room

Machine rooms are the worst enemies of a good home because very soon after an elevator’s installation, pit rooms can become home to the vilest insects and rodents. They can also make the entire space smell foul and generally can become hazardous if not maintained periodically. This will also add to the cost of managing the lifts. Nibav home elevators are designed with an independent shaft and require no pit or machine room. This ensures that you do not have to spend thousands of rupees every month on maintenance and also do not have to dedicate a space that would otherwise become a space for rodents.

As you can see, modern home elevators from Nibav have everything it takes to become a seamless and valuable addition to your home to make it more accessible for everyone in your family. To know more about our home lift price options and services, please get in touch with us now.