domestic lifts in Australia

Its been ages since the lifts have come into existence and made their significant relevance in the architecture. Undoubtedly they have paid their unforgettable contribution to the modern construction and layout of today’s buildings and masterpieces that we are able to see. Gradually as the world is going tech-savvy in all the spheres, so the lifts industry too has gone beyond unimaginable heights as modern technology has given rise to various types of lifts and one of them is the domestic lifts.

The domestic lifts are brilliantly drawing their attention towards themselves as they tend to be far more user-friendly and compact. In the meanwhile when it comes to getting a home lift, the name that is setting another benchmark worldwide is none other than nibav home lifts. So, what’s exactly making everyone turn their heads towards Nibav lifts? Let’s figure it out.

Smallest Domestic Lifts

Nibav has played the masterstroke in the domain of domestic lifts worldwide. Being a part of a wider shake-up, Nibav has been able to introduce the world’s smallest domestic lifts with the assistance of advanced technologies and years of expertise. The staggering in-house horological firepower has made Nibav stand out from the crowd making it the first choice of everyone. There are innumerable astonishing elements that make Nibav domestic lifts unique and one of them is safety.

No matter what but safety is an undeniable and uncompromising factor that is an indispensable aspect and Nibav offers the assurance of the same. These compact home lifts are exclusively certified as per the European Standards for their safety, design, and performance. Along with this these lifts thoroughly comply with the Australian Standards for home lifts. Providing utmost safety is a different parameter, however, offering assurance makes people rely on the product.

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Nibav Domestic Lifts In Australia

Australia owns the market in the lifts industry with the nibav residential lifts as it incorporates top-notch technology for providing a serene experience to the user. Blended with exceptional proficiency in building engineering and a commitment to enhancing the architectural models to offer a boost to the home interiors, Nibav has played an extraordinary shot.

Here’s a quick overview of how Nibav grabbed the scope of opportunity amidst the Australian market and how it created a wow impact worldwide.

• Bringing in the concept of domestic lift Australia.
• Craftsmanship in the structural outlook and built.
• Introducing the concept of self-supported shaft structure.
• Ensuring the shaft structure remains lightweight and strong.
• Special care for claustrophobic individuals with the 360-degree panoramic view.
• Making sure that there is no harm to the environment.
• Providing custom options for the users to play with.
• Offering an advanced technology that is accessible and affordable.

These were a couple of tweaks and modifications made by the masters of Nibav for creating a masterpiece and making a difference.

Nibav: An Epitome Of Elegance Along With An Essence Of Self-Reliance

Nibav domestic lifts across Australia are absolutely an epitome of elegance as it possesses a curved design profile along with a 360-degree panoramic view. The glass body instantaneously enhances the outlook of the house where elegance anonymously creeps into the spheres of the home interiors. Adding more to the same, it is a perfect home element tailored for suiting every home effortlessly as it assists in transporting lives within the floors along with the safety standards set by the European Standards and Australian Standards. This allows people to futureproof their life within the homes they have lived in for years as they are no longer persuaded to shift or degrade their living standards due to age constraints. This eventually brings an essence of self-reliance among people making them feel assured of the upcoming future ahead.


Nibav Vacuum Lifts believe in enhancing the living standards along with the elegance of a serene experience. Proposing the smallest domestic lifts is surely no less than a boon to Australia. Nibav undoubtedly marks the beginning of difference and of course, many more yet to come are surely in the cards ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a domestic lifts price in Australia?

For approximately $59K onward, you can purchase a domestic lift in Australia.

Are domestic lifts for elderly safe?

Domestic lifts are designed to make life easier and safe for all ages. Any home lifts with TUV certificate can be considered Safe to use. TUV certified lifts undergo 194 parameters of safety inspections.

How much electricity does a domestic lift use?

Nibav domestic lifts operate on single-phase power and consume only 3.7 kVA of power when going up. During descend, this lift consumes ZERO power which makes it a GREEN home lift.