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Affordable Small House Elevators Australia

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Accessibility is the foremost reason to opt for a home elevator. One might find it laborious to climb stairs as they grow older, and such chores are strenuous when you carry oversized baggage or boxes. Does it ring a bell? Nibav brings you progressive home lifts with innovative designs and future-proof technology to make them safe and accessible for travelers.

Nibav home lifts have provided the optimal results yielded through domestic lifts for nearly a decade to Australian households. Our compact home lifts occupy very little space in your home, use up less electricity than the appliances you use, and require about one-tenth of the maintenance when compared to the several other brands. Nibav’s Home Elevators are mainly designed to provide ultimate comfort for the home members.

Nibav has reformed the market for house elevators since its inception in 2019 and continues to deliver energy-efficient elevator solutions – making Australian households more accessible to elderly citizens. Nibav’s latest, inventive designs and sustainable technology have propelled our reputation to the extent of becoming the most trusted home elevator brand across the globe.
Though it seems challenging to buy such an expensive amenity for a household, house elevators are an ample investment that increases the financial value of your property. Nibav’s well-versed Technical Team has successfully installed several units across Australia. The installation requires only 24 to 48 hours, and the house owners gain access to the lifts right away because of the plug-and-play aspect of Nibav Lifts. Our home elevators are easy to install in both retrofit and homes under construction.
Our lifts can make room for two people even with the smallest lift footprint, making us the right choice for ultra-modern homes. Nibav’s gleaming design blends perfectly with any home decor and gives your home a brilliant add-on.

Elevator price in the Australian market

Although house elevators are a major long-term investment for any household, it is wise to choose one at a reasonable home lifts price. Nibav’s compact home elevator price starts from AUD 69K, a convincing price for installing a home elevator without any space constraints with a discreet design that fits inside a home.

Nibav exhibits a vast collection of home elevators for households that opt for an elevator whether for practical or luxuriant reasons at various price ranges according to the model and preferred customisation.

Why choose Nibav for your Home?

  • Zero Civil Work – Our lifts do not require any kind of a shaft or a machine room to operate; making the construction work involved in the installation close to zero.
  • Nibav house elevators are a combination of galvanized steel and polycarbonate glass that is 250 times more robust than regular glass.
  • Households with space constraints, such as townhouses can benefit from installing our lifts, as these vacuum elevators require only a space of about 37 to 53 inches in diameter.
  • Nibav’s service expenses are minimal, and our vacuum elevators need servicing once every four months.
  • Nibav lifts are extremely adaptable and can be installed almost anywhere inside your property.

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